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Ep. 33 - Reversing Generational Poverty through Generational Wealth | Nike Anani

Episode Summary

If you're building a business it's time to consider how that business and it's assets will be handed down to the next generation. Generational wealth is something we not only need, but we're working toward in the Black community. Nike Anani is a Family Business Consultant who helps her clients bridge the gap between the senior and younger generations. With over a decade of family business expertise in Nigeria she talks to us about why it's important to build legacy through the passing along of a family business. Whether it's as owner or as an active participant in the business, the need to create and pass along a family business and wealth is critical.

Episode Notes

You can find Nike Anani and all her social link at her website: Nike Anani | Award-Winning Family Business Strategist. Speaker. Author

Listen to  "The Connected Generation with Nike Anani" podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-connected-generation-with-nike-anani/id1505327728


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